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RCVS Accreditation

Castle Vets holds accreditation by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

We are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 

When looking for a reputable company, whether it’s a plumber, solicitor or a vet, you need to know that the provider is professional and trustworthy. One way of doing this is to check that the business is accredited by an official body.

Castle Vets holds accreditation by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons having voluntarily joined the process and continually passed rigorous inspection. Among the vast array of assessments, the Royal College qualified inspector has found extremely high standards of hygiene, patient care, staff training and communication with owners. We also provide owners with a professionally staffed out of hours facility, which ensures no pet is left without care be it overnight, week end or Bank Holiday.

The Practice Standards Scheme exists to reassure pet owners in times when new businesses may seek to offer services at a low cost, whilst electing not to undergo inspection to even a Core Standards level.

It is certainly a challenge and an achievement for a veterinary practice to sustain high standards in the way we have done over the years, passing inspections every 4 years and being open to on-the-spot inspection by the Royal College at any time.

We are very proud to say that you can be assured of an extremely high standard of professionalism, expertise and care from our team at Castle Vets as we continue to provide quality services and facilities for pet owners throughout the area.

What does it all mean for you?

Firstly, it provides a quality mark, an official recognition of the high standards achieved by the practice. An accredited practice will have volunteered to undergo rigorous inspection by a Royal College qualified inspector who has found high standards of hygiene, patient care, staff training and communication with owners.

Client communication is a hugely important area, and something we take very seriously. We endeavour to keep owners informed at every stage of their pet’s care, from estimating the cost of a procedure, ensuring the way forward is fully explained and informed consent is obtained, to giving progress reports and on-going advice and support. We will also react appropriately to any feedback received.

24 hour patient care is another area subject to inspection. Castle Vets is the host practice for the out of hours emergency service, Vets Now who are committed to ensuring the best care for hospitalised patients and also have their own accreditation under the scheme.

Accredited practices must also have access to laboratory facilities for diagnostic tests and at Castle Vets, as well as using external laboratories for certain investigations, we have an in-house laboratory enabling quick results for the more routine diagnostic tests.

We have also been shown to have excellent commitment to continued training and development of all our staff. The myriad of health and safety requirements covering employees and clients, the practice premises and equipment have all been met and will be rigorously maintained.

In short, our accreditation should bring peace of mind to our clients and an assurance that their pets are receiving the highest standard of veterinary care. It also gives a greater indication of the quality of our service and facilities to the animal-owning public who may be searching for the best possible medical treatment for their pets and to job-seekers interested in training in the veterinary profession.

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