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Animal Physiotherapy

Animal Physiotherapy plays an important role in your pet’s health

Animal Physiotherapy plays an important role in your pet’s health and well-being by ensuring your pet has the best mobility possible. It is not only for those who have been through surgery on their bones and joints, but also for those who have muscle or tendon injuries, or suffer arthritis, back pain or any other debilitating aches and pains. Anything you might see a physio for, your pet can too!

Animal Physiotherapy can involve manual therapies such as massage, stretches and exercises or even electrotherapies that are safe and non-invasive. There is a lot that physiotherapy has to offer and most patients enjoy their sessions very much. Courses of treatments and number of sessions vary from one patient to the next, as each patient will get their own bespoke therapy program to suit their individual needs.

Animal physiotherapists are not yet regulated by law, which means that anyone could call themselves an animal physiotherapist without having any real knowledge. Therefore, we advise that you only visit a physiotherapist who has been recommended by your vet.

Physiotherapy is recognised by many insurances, and supported by vets as an essential part of a pet’s care, so please call us on 0118 957 4488 to discuss any mobility concerns you have.

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